This was the first party we ever attended (actually it's the second if we count the Agressive Party held in Kerava). We had just changed from PDS to Mist (then to Inside). We also found Ripple thanks to Raynet's blub-routine.

Thanks to Jeskola's banner (it was just above our heads) our default conversation with the other party people was: People: Are you Jeskola? We: NO! They are over there!!!! Then we pulled the banner down and Jeskola pulled it back and we pulled it down and they pulled it back and so on....

Assembly´94 was a great party, but it was also a long party, so we had to sleep...


Another year, another party. Asm95 was different than Asm94. Party was shorter and party place had changed from an ice stadium to a faircenter. But we had fun. Icebeat and Ripple had tunes for music compo and Raynet made a picture for raytrace compo.

We were interviewed to radio and were seen in the national TV. Dr.Wit was a victim of practical joke (he was sleeping on chairs and some milk was poured to his mouth) and by some other reason Cyberware (not member of Inside) got a bleeding nose and Raynet had fever (39°C).


Again Inside attended to annual party held in Helsinki, but this time we had larger products than ever. And with new members we were interview for a newspaper and again we appeared in national TV (unfortunately the picture was from previous party). Ripple had a tune and Raynet made an animation at the party place (it is possible to render with multiple computers without network rendering by using disks :) and the animation was seventh.

We had reserved two whole tables to our use and the other table was for DCC to use. Network was broken as usual thanks to Dr.Wit and his Y-connector and to DCC. After DCC was removed from the partynetwork with a terminator and Y-cable was removed, the network began to work.


Historical happening, we made a "demo"! It was a 3DS player with gouraud renderer and with some music, it seemed to work only with Memon's computer...

We had a webcam that was a success with over 27000 hits in less than three days. It required three computers to work, one for capturing tje images, one for running the CGI-BIN and one being the WWW-server. Two of these three computers were at the partyplace and one reachable only through network.

In Insides table were no network problems due to fixed IPs and own HUB. All of our computers were connected with twisted-pair cables.