The Party 94


This was the first The Party we ever attended. Crinoid and Flux went there just to see what's going on there. And they like it, because next year they persuaded Raynet and Ripple to go with them.

Crinoid and Flux haven't revealed much about the trip, but there is one thing we know. Crinoid was a bit tired and looked to his watch. It was 2pm and music compo was scheduled to begin at 4pm, so he desided to sleep a few hours. He close his eyes and then opened them. Clock was almost 4, but there was no mention about music compo. The demo compo was about to begin when he realised that he had slept 14 hours without knowing it.

The Party 95


The trip to The Party 1995 was very special. It included bus, 4 boat trips, lots of alcohol, Flumps and Ribbos and Cubacola. Warning! Never eat Flumps and Ribbos and drink Cubacola, the combination kills...

Ripple's tune was lost thanks to broken disk (Murphy rules again). We ate a lot of french hotdogs. We found out that our production Bullshit was on the Party 1994 CD without our permission. Crinoid used that as an excuse to have the Party CD for free :)

The Party 1996

The Party 1997


Again we attended The Party, this time there were Crinoid, Flux, Raynet, Ripple and Memon. On the first boat journey we had a luxury cabin and watched Goldeneye while lying on the bed and discovering the possibilities of vacuum-based toilet systems... On the return trip we carried a computer to our cabin. Fun. Irish coffee and shrimp sandwiches were characteristic for that journey. It may be interesting to know that there are people on the streets of Stockholm 4 am on Monday, Finnish school Swedish works in Sweden, and watching pornography for 2 hours, Deep Space 9 for 4 hours and Voyager for 6 hours in a row makes one´s brain numb.

The Party 1998

The Party 1999